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Optimize your operations with the help of our dedicated team of experts focused on your corrugated and paper lamination adhesive needs. Our cutting-edge adhesive technologies for glued lap, laminating and honeycomb deliver the market proven performance required to successfully address your toughest challenges.

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Our corrugated adhesives are for: 

  • Glued lap
  • Honeycomb
  • Bulk box laminating and construction
  • Solid fiber laminating
  • Lay flat litho laminating
  • Single face laminating
  • Composite can/corewinding
  • Starch additives

Swift®tak 5625

  • Good wet tack
  • Medium open time
  • Good water resistance
  • Bfr XXXVI and REACH compliant--safe for consumer use
Technology Documentation
Swift®tak 5625
Used for applications where good water resistance of the final bond is required paper straw corewinding

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