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Ingot Bonding Adhesives for Clean Energy Solutions

H.B. Fuller’s clean solar energy bonding solutions are used to temporarily bond mono crystal and poly crystal PV silicone ingot. It can help improve production efficiency and enhance product yield rate.

H.B. Fuller offers TONSAN frame sealant as the key material for connecting the frames and components as well as the J-box and backsheet. Its ingot bonding properties cannot be affected negatively by sunlight, temperature variation, wind, rain, snow covering, ice coating, moisture, salt mist, microorganisms, etc. With permanent anti-environmental aging properties, TONSAN sealants can maintain long-term reliable sealing and bonding, prevent the modules from being affected by the external environment and realize consistent stable electricity generation

Product characteristics include:

  • Long-term resistance to harsh weather
  • Excellent adhesion to anodized aluminum frame, glass, J-box and photovoltaic substrates
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical load
  • Good thermal deformation compensation
  • Superior insulation and frame resistant properties
  • Conforms to the testing requirements of UL1703, IEC61215, IEC61730, GB/T 29595 standards


  • One component
  • Easy to use
  • Fast cure
  • Easy to remove in boiling water
  • Easy to remove in hot water
Technology Documentation
Used for apply to diamond wire cutting process temporary bonding of glass/resin and substrate temporary bonding of ingot and glass/resin
Anaerobic | Anaerobic chemistry | One component

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